3 Benefits of Having White Backgrounds in Your Product Photos

March 27, 2019

They may be boring – definitely not the most exciting photography in the world – but product photos on a white background are usually very important to have.

Here are the top 3 benefits of having product photos on a white background!

Highlights the Product

When a consumer is looking to buy a product, they want to see every detail. Since they can’t hold the product, feel how heavy it is, or see what the texture is, or try it on, they are completely dependent on the images they see!

Having several images of your product on a white background helps keep the focus on your product. There are no distractions, and customers will be able to see your product accurately and from several different angles.

Light & Clean

A white background is light, clean, and looks professional. White also has lots of interesting psychological influences in marketing. White is considered safe, open, and pure. It’s said to promote creative thought – similar to a blank white page or slate – and is also associated with fresh beginnings. Many successful corporations – like Apple, for example – use the color white with accents of color. This is because it promotes a clean, modern, fresh, creative brand.


The biggest reason companies use white backgrounds for their product photography is consistency. Customers will be looking through all your product listings, and through most – if not all – the product photos on each listing. Having a pure white background for each image creates a clean, cohesive, professional look. This helps the customer trust in the quality and reliability of your company. If the images are poorly lit or have inconsistent, poorly edited backgrounds, their trust will be negatively impacted.

When to Have Colored Backgrounds

If you’re just starting out your business and branding, I’d recommend having white background product photos. This is because white backgrounds are the easiest to keep consistent and professional looking. However, if you already have a strong branding, feel free to be more creative with your product images! You can select one or more colors that fit the feel and vibe of your brand. An amazing example of this is Anthropologie – they use earthy, light, beautiful tones for their product images, and they look high end and professional.

I hope these tips helped you! If you’re interested in having product photos taken, please contact me here – I would love to work with you!

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