December 17, 2018

3 Podcasts You Must Listen To

Podcasts have been such a valuable resource in my life – both as an entrepreneur and as an individual! It’s amazing that we can sit down and listen to experts talk about our industry, all from the comfort of our homes and workplaces.

There are 3 podcasts you must listen to if you’re a small business owner. Two are business related, and one is personal life related. Here’s who they are, and why their my favorite!

The Goal Digger Podcast

This has to be my all time favorite podcast! Jenna Kutcher is an amazing person to listen to. She is a photographer and entrepreneur, who helps creatives build their businesses and have more fulfilling lives. Her episodes are full of practical, simple, life changing advice. When I apply her advice, my business has always improved and become better. She is an amazing speaker, and I highly recommend listening to her!

You’re Not the Boss of Me

This podcast is by Olivia Bossert. She’s based in the UK, and I’ve found it so interesting to hear a fresh perspective on photography and business! I feel like many podcasts in the U.S. are hyped up and sensationalized. It was nice to hear a voice that was authentic, real, positive, and relatable. She’s a talented photographer who also gives good advice for small business owners.

The Minimalists

This was the first podcast I ever listened to, and is one I always love listening to! The episodes center on adding value to your life by eliminating distractions. Whether that be material things, distractions that take up our time, toxic relationships, etc. They have amazing advice that I relate to. They focus on building the life you want, by removing things that are standing in your way. Their words are inspiring, helpful, and help you stay focused on what’s most important.

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Comment them below – I would love to hear!