October 12, 2018

5 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos at Home


I’ll be honest with you – I’ve been a professional photographer for over two years, and I don’t have any of my photos hanging up in my home! How sad is that?! I have stacks of beautiful prints sitting in print boxes on my bookshelf, but I’ve yet to buy ANY frames for them, let alone hang them up.

However that’s something I really want to change!

So I scoured the internet, magazines, and Pinterest to find some good ideas. Today I’m sharing the ideas I found to create the perfect design! So here are 5 creative ways to display your photos at home!


A Minimalist Grid

This is the simplest, and my most favorite, display! A symmetrical grid is the easiest way to display prints in a gorgeous way. The human brain loves symmetry – we just can’t get enough of it! And it makes sizing prints and finding frames SO much easier!

The key to achieving this beautiful, minimalist aesthetic is first: find images that are similar to each other. If you look at each of these displays I found on Pinterest (you can see this whole board of inspiration here) you’ll notice that all the photos have the same aesthetic! This is easy to achieve with choosing black and white photographs! With color photographs, try and find photos that have the same 1 or 2 colors in them. Soft neutrals and light colors always look beautiful!

The second key is using a lot of white space. If you take another look, you’ll see that all the photos have nice large white matte boards surrounding the image. This makes the image pop! On this note, you can see each of the frames is very simple and plain. This also helps the image be the focus of attention!



how to style a photography print family photo grid interior design


Floating Frame

This is a trend that, if I were honest with you, I didn’t like at first! I feel like I’ve always seen these frames with weird pictures that didn’t look that great. However, I came across them on Pinterest and on Artifact Uprising and that totally changed my view! These frames are perfect for a modern, minimalist aesthetic.



5 creative ways to display prints at home family photos



Geometric Shapes

For the more adventurous decorators out there, these geometric shape designs can make a bold & fun statement! This is a great display to add smaller prints into your home. The shape is definitely the piece making the statement here – but the prints add a personal touch to home decor! Triangles always look dynamic and modern, while a square grid feels more modern and peaceful.


5 creative ways to display prints at home family photos



Table Blocks

If you don’t have much space, wood blocks are the perfect way to display smaller prints! These little blocks add a natural, geometric touch to any tabletop, desk, or shelf. Their quite small and look SO cute! There are also marble and stone varieties available, that are really pretty!


5 creative ways to display prints at home family photos


Modern Calendar

Last of all, a simple photo calendar is a great way to display your family photos. I love these calendars because you can see a gorgeous photo every day, every month, all year long! I’m probably weird, but I always love flipping the calendar to the next month and seeing the new photo! Again, Artifact Uprising has gorgeous simple ones that you can buy that are great quality!


5 creative ways to display prints at home family photos modern family photo calendar


I hope these tips helped you as much as they helped me! I’m planning my photo wall, and can’t wait to share my new space with you. If you create any of these tips, make sure to post about it on instagram and tag me in the post/story! I would love to send you one free 5×7 print from my shop for your space 🙂