September 27, 2021

Alani Nutrition x Whitney Simmons

In 2020, the team at Alani Nutrition reached out to me to create images for their special edition launch with fitness trainer and Gym Shark athlete Whitney Simmons.

It was amazing to work with this team. For this shoot, Whitney and I and her team of makeup and hair artists worked at Studio Elevn in Salt Lake City, while the creative director at Alani Nutrition kept in touch over FaceTime. We shot a few months after the outbreak of the pandemic when things slowly started opening up. This created unique procedures that we are all familiar with now, such as wearing masks, sanitizing all the equipment, and making sure there was air flow throughout the studio.

It was amazing to work with Whitney! She had such a positive and confident presence on set. I also loved working with my assistant, Courtney Gracie, and our food stylist, Suzy Eaton designs. Suzy did a fabulous job styling the food for these images, including creating her own special formula for the blue icee texture.

My favorite part of this shoot was seeing the images displayed in ads at Target and GNC. It was the first time I’ve seen my work on a large store display nationwide.

It was an incredibly rewarding project and I’m proud of all the hard work done by myself, my team, and the team at Alani Nutrition.