Commercial Photographer who specializes in beauty and product

About Whitney

Meet the Artist

Whitney Finuf is a product photographer who specializes in stylish imagery for beauty and wellness brands.

She has worked with client such as Alani Nutrition, Nu Skin, Real Techniques, Decorté Cosmetics, and more.

Whitney graduated in 2019 with a Bachelors of Arts in Photography. She opened her business in 2016 while still an art school student, and has been working with brands ever since.

The products in her images become larger than life, making them memorable to the customers who love them. She often uses crisp lighting, clean lines, and colorful compositions. The arrangements of props and backgrounds are thoughtful and curated, creating a classic but modern look. Her work fits naturally with youthful, stylish, creative brands.

Whitney hopes to inspire other women to follow their dreams in becoming product photographers. She creates educational content for her newsletter, and teaches a course on studio lighting for product photographers.

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