October 3, 2018

Bela | Luxury Girl’s Dresses

This month I photographed luxury girl’s dresses. These gowns are simply stunning! They are handmade, with special care and the highest quality. These dresses are by the brand Bela – designed and created by Wanessa. 
Wanessa is a talented fashion designer! She graduated with a degree in fashion design, and has been creating beautiful gowns for a long time. Her new brand Bela is the perfect choice for formal dresses for young girls.
We began the photoshoot in Salt Lake City on a beautiful summer evening. I walked up to the location, and saw Wanessa and these two sweet models giggling and having such a fun time! These two little models were so excited and happy to wear these princess dresses! They did amazing job modeling. I haven’t worked with children too often in my career. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy these girls were to work with & pose!
The highlights of these dresses are the craftsmanship. Every ruffle and pearl is handsewn and designed by Wanessa. The fabrics are such high quality, and the dresses lined.
I always love photographing for clothing boutiques. It’s amazing to see how talented the designers are! And this little garden was the perfect place to photograph these whimsical dresses. It felt like a fairy garden with the blushing roses and trickling waterfall.
Bela is a beautiful brand! I look forward to seeing Wanessa’s future designs.
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