January 11, 2019

Best Business Tools 2019: Canva

This is the first post of a series I’m writing on the best business tools of 2019! I know how hard running a small business can be sometimes. When you’re starting out, you wear many hats and balance all the jobs. Any tool you can use to help make your life easier is the best!

Today I’m sharing one of my most used and loved business tools – Canva.

Canva is a powerful, easy to use graphic design tool. You can use their website to easily create everything from Pinterest graphics to gift cards to e-books and resumes.

Their templates are clean, attractive, and easy to design!

Here are some quick steps on how to use their website:

Pick Your Template

First, go to www.canva.com. Here, you can choose what template you would like to design! Just type in what you would like to create (i.e. instagram post, gift card, e-book, etc) and select what you’re looking for!

Once you click on the template you want to create, a new window will pop up! This window will have a blank space in the middle to create your design, and a whole bunch of templates on the left side to choose from.

To begin, just start scrolling through the templates on the left side. Once you see one you like, just click on it and it will appear in the middle of the screen. Now you can customize your design!

How to Customize Your Design

This is my favorite part of using Canva! It is so easy to drag and drop all the customizations you want to create your design.

To edit the text, just double click on the text areas and type.

To edit the images, you can either choose a free image from their library, or upload your own image! Then you can drag and drop your own image into the place you want it.

The customization options are really endless! Here’s a list of the different tabs on the left side, and what they can help you with:

Elements – Here you can add photos, illustrations, shapes, lines, frames, etc.

Text – Here you can add text. You can either add your own text, or you can select a text template that you like the look of and customize it.

Background – Here you can change the background of your design.

Uploads – Here you can upload your own photos to add to your design.

Folders – Here you can create your own folders to organize your personalized designs and photos

Apps – If you sign up for a pro account with Canva, you can have access to more fonts, photos, etc. You can also link your Facebook or Instagram account to Canva, so that your photos on your social media account will just show up automatically on Canva.

Tips for Creating Beautiful Designs

Keep it simple! Except on rare occasions, try not to use more than one or two images on a single design. This keeps your design looking simple, clean, and professional.

Keep it consistent! Try to use the same – or similar – fonts with every design you make. This will help your brand feel cohesive and professional. If you work with a professional graphic designer and have your brand fonts and colors picked, make sure to keep them consistent with the new designs you create.

Have fun! I use this website to create Pinterest graphics, marketing materials, and more. Feel free to play around and be creative!

I hope this was helpful! I really love this tool and use it almost every day.

If you are more of a visual, video person – here’s a short video tutorial on how I use Canva.

Let me know if you love it and if you have any questions below!

how to use canva to create customized instagram stories and marketing materials for your Utah small business by Whitney Finuf utah commercial photographer