Best Email Marketing Tool for Small Businesses | Flodesk

October 4, 2019

To all the small businesses + photographers out there: is email marketing a struggle for you? We know we should be doing it, but we don’t know where to start, what to write about, how to do it, let alone how to make the emails look nice and professional – and not be spammy.

Well, I recently came across a new service that I use now and LOVE – and I’m so excited to share it with you! It solves each of these problems! It’s called Flodesk!

What is Flodesk?

Flodesk is a new email marketing service provider created by two women entrepreneurs – Martha and Rebecca. It provides an easy to use, beautifully designed, simple approach to email marketing for brands.

Many of you I’m sure have heard of or used MailChimp or ConvertKit. These services are great, but as a beginner (who doesn’t know anything about coding, etc) they were a bit difficult, scary, and un-intuitive to use. For example, a few months ago I wanted to hone in on building my email list. I wanted to create a really beautifully designed email. How long did it take me with Mailchimp? First I had to design it in Photoshop, then pull it into Adobe Media Encoder to add the coding. Then I had to upload it into Mailchimp piece by piece, and slowly assemble it. It was an extremely time consuming, difficult process, and wasn’t easily replicable. Sure, it probably would have gotten easier over time, as I became more familiar and comfortable with the process. But when I heard about Flodesk, I was instantly intrigued!

Why You’ll Love Flodesk

Flodesk has beautiful email templates that are already well designed – including images, text, and fun minimalist graphics. You can use pre-made templates that are actually well designed, or you can make your own!

Flodesk also helps you know where to start and what to write about. Their email templates cover a wide variety of topics, which help you brainstorm what to write about. They also provide a easy drag and drop workflow system, where you can create simple or complex email workflows that are completely automated. This saved me SO much time!

Here’s a brief summary of what they provide:

Beautiful free email templates

Flodesk offers beautiful templates that are incredibly easy to use. They cover topics like welcoming new followers, saying thank you, sharing sales + promotions, etc.

Well Designed Free Landing Pages

They have the same service for landing pages and pop up forms! Beautiful templates, easy to design and customize. Enough said!

Ready Made Automated Sequences

For those who don’t know, an automated sequence is a series of emails that are automatically sent to people when they enroll in your service. And example of this is a welcome sequence! When someone first signs up to your email list, it’s important to send them an email so they can enjoy the perks of their new subscription. A welcome sequence provides that first email – but then you can create it so a week later you send another email that introduces yourself to them. Then another week later, they’ll receive an email on what to expect from you. Before you know it, you can have positive contact with them once a week for a month, without you having to do it by hand every single time.

Segmented Lists

Let’s say that you have two people subscribe to your email list. The first person is a photographer, who wants to learn more about your editing techniques. The second person is one of your clients, who you create images for frequently. It would probably be a little weird to send them both the same emails, right? You could, but in order to best serve both of their interests and needs, it’s best to do it separately!

This is where segmented lists come in! With segmented lists, you can organize your subscribers based on where they subscribed from. For example, if they subscribe from a pop up page on your website, they might be a client or a random new friend on the internet. However, if they subscribe from your free editing tutorial page, that means their most likely interested in photography techniques and education. You can organize them into two separate groups automatically, and write emails to the 2+ groups separately. This way you serve their needs and interests much better!


These are important for you to track what you’re doing, and see if it’s working or not. You can see what percent of people subscribed on which page, what percent opened the email, and what percent clicked on links inside the email. This helps you learn and improve your marketing.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at email marketing, Flodesk is an amazing service to use! I use them and genuinely love how helpful they are. They’ve made it so easy for me to begin email marketing and grow my list. Instead of being overwhelmed and stressed, now I am excited about writing weekly and monthly emails for my audience.

Keep Your Current Subscribers

If you already have subscribers, don’t worry – all your hard work won’t go to waste! You can import your subscribers directly into Flodesk, so you can keep your list, and just keep growing. Flodesk has great help sections to help you through this process on their support section of their website, once you sign up!

Try it Out!

Flodesk is still fairly new to the email marketing game – which is a huge plus for you! Their costs are still fairly low, and right now they are offering an AMAZING deal. If you sign up through this link, you can receive 50% off the monthly payment for life. Right now it’s $39/month, but if you sign up with this promotional link, it will only be $19/month, and will be 50% off forever. Forever!! Seriously, this is a great deal if you are looking into email marketing.

Whether you want to sign up right away or want to try it out first, you can get the first month for free just by signing up for a 30 day trial. You don’t have to enter your credit card, or any personal information – just sign up with your email and you can start building your list, and use all the services they have available!

If you are quick, my 50% off code is still valid. This code will guarantee you the forever 50% off discount, if you end up choosing to use the service after the trial. I receive a small payment when you sign up, just as a thank you from the company for sharing their service. Whether you sign up and use my code or not though, I want you to know about this tool because it is SO amazing for email marketing!! Grab a free month with this link and have fun creating all your beautiful new emails!

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