Black Friday Deals for Photographers

November 23, 2018

Growing up, I always thought Black Friday was a bit materialistic. After all, Thanksgiving is the time to spend with your family! While that is SO true and so important, I’ve really come to enjoy Black Friday. The main reason is because it’s the one day a year where the sales actually save you quite a bit of money. Now, I usually do almost all my Christmas shopping and photography shopping for the year on this day. Photography is an expensive career and hobby, and it helps to save money where you can! Here are the top 2018 Black Friday deals I found this year for photographers.

SD Cards

Photographers ALWAYS need more memory cards. On Black Friday, you can get them for super cheap! I always by the SanDisk Extreme PRO 32 – 64 GB. You can usually find them on Amazon and Best Buy for a great deal.


Flothemes creates beautiful website and marketing templates! They are an affordable investment for a high end website, that would usually cost thousands of dollars to create. Their easy to use and look beautiful on web and mobile. They always have a really good Black Friday sale! Right now their website templates are 30% off, and many of their services are on sale too.


I usually keep my eye on Nikon, because I’m more familiar with their equipment and how much they usually cost. But if you’re wanting to jump into photography, or want to give someone a camera for Christmas, crop sensor DSLR’s always go on sale. You can buy them new for as low as $450. I’d recommend looking at Best Buy, Amazon (just make sure their a good dealer) or! I haven’t seen many good sales for professional grade gear – mainly because I don’t buy the beginner packs for cameras. I usually buy the camera bodies & lenses separately, and those don’t typically go on sale. But let me know if you see any!

Adobe Software

Typically, Adobe creates a discount for it’s Creative Cloud software on Black Friday. Last year it was 20% off! So instead of $19.99 a month, it was just $15.99 per month for a year. This includes Photoshop, Lightroom, and cloud storage.

I hope these sales are helpful! What’s nice is usually you can just snag the great deal online, and then go back to relaxing and spending time with family.

What great photography deals have you seen??