A few weeks ago Teresa approached me about doing a vibrant, colorful, fun couple’s session at the Hall of Breakfast. It was SO much fun! I love when couple’s come to me with a personal, out of the box idea that they want to do. It makes couple’s sessions so much more fun when their unique. It really allows me to use more of my artistic fashion side!

About the Couple

I first met Teresa over a year ago. She is an amazing woman – she’s photographed weddings all over the world, acts in plays, and is now building her brand as an influencer and content creator (you can follow her at @travelteresa!) We were in the BYU Photo program together – which means we suffered through many of the same assignments and critiques together. She is so much fun, and her and Sam are perfect for each other!

Sam is a talented actor & comedian, and is such a goofball to photograph! We all know most guys don’t enjoy photoshoots, and Sam is kind of included in this. However he knows how much Teresa loves photos. Because of this he spent his time posing and being an amazing model throughout the session. It’s so cool that he knew how much it meant to her. Doing this shoot was a way for him to show her that he loved her!

About the Couple’s Session – and the Hall of Breakfast

This session was SO much fun. We went to the Hall of Breakfast, which was open in Salt Lake City. We brought our own strobe lighting – that’s how extra we were in this session! It made all the difference in getting good quality photos, and allowed us to be completely creative & in control in the shots that we took!

The Hall of Breakfast is such a fun exhibit because each room is themed as a different kind of breakfast food. We started in the milk room – which had these cool zig zag lights! Then we went to the eggs and bacon room, and the waffles and pancakes room where we enjoyed complimentary pancakes. We stopped in the cereal room, which was a confetti party! We created some romantic and high fashion-esque images in the donut room, and partied in the fruit pink ball pit.

Free food, bright colors, neon lights, and an amazing couple made this session a complete success. Creative couple’s shoots are seriously the best!! If you’re interested in having your own fashion inspired creative couple’s shoot, send me an email at contact@whitneyfinuf.com!