March 11, 2020

De Rigeur Jewelry

Recently I was hired by Shutterstock Custom to create imagery for De Rigeur Jewelry: The Future of Jewelry. I loved working on this project!

De Rigeur Jewelry offers unique and customizable rings.The focus of this image campaign was to focus on how brides can utilize the rings – both for themselves, and as gifts for their bridal party. Because of this, the important aspects of this campaign were to keep the focus on the rings, and emulate the joy of this event in people’s lives.

My biggest challenges in creating this project were sourcing the models and the bridal gowns. Through my network I found a group of models that fit what the client was looking for, and they selected the top 5 they preferred. For the gowns, I again reached through my network to a wonderful brand I’ve worked with multiple times – Elizabeth Cooper Designs. They provided beautiful gowns for us to use.

Everything came together really well. Huge thank you to the wonderful people who helped make the shoot a success!