When I first saw the leather bags created by¬†Era 81, I fell in love. No, really! Their minimalist design and high quality, sustainable leather are features that I instantly loved. As a commercial photographer, I couldn’t have been more excited when they approached me to create images for their newest bag.

To photograph this gorgeous bag, I knew that I needed the perfect model, outfit, and location. I needed a model that could look like an expensive, successful professional woman. Maddy was the perfect woman for the job!

We chose the wardrobe for the shoot from Ann Taylor. Ann Taylor is one of the best fashion lines to buy gorgeous professional clothes from. I worked there during college, and spent way too much money on their clothes, because they are such good quality and so flattering! I knew that they would provide the perfect outfit for this shoot.

We chose to shoot at an urban building in downtown Provo. It provided a clean, minimalist background to put the focus on the model and the bag, while still providing a city background.

I also knew that we needed to show off the features of the bag – the gorgeous design, the leather makeup pouch and key pouch, and the attachable strap that connects to a suitcase. Maddy and I worked together to naturally show off the features of the bag in her posing.

On the day of the shoot, we arrived to the location – and it was literally a rainstorm! It was incredibly windy, raining, and cloudy. Luckily the building had an awning that we could shoot under until the weather cleared up a bit. The tricky part was protecting the leather bag while shooting in the rain – the bag itself was fine, but I didn’t want it to have any water marks from the shoot! So we protected it in my suitcase in between shots.

Luckily just 20 minutes or so into the shoot the rain stopped, and we were able to get some beautiful shots in the more open areas as well!

This commercial photography shoot was a dream. The shots turned out beautifully! Huge thanks to Maddy and the team at Era 81 – it was a pleasure working with you!