Finding something to wear for a personal branding session is no easy task! And finding the right outfit is SO important. Yes, my photography will make you look great. Yes, we will choose the perfect location for the images you want. But if you are wearing the wrong colors or something that isn’t the most flattering – you probably won’t end up liking the images! Your personal branding session will represent the best of you and your business – and you definitely want your outfit to do the same!

So how do you find clothing that reflects your personality and brand, flatters you, and makes you feel completely confident? Let’s dive into some tips to figure that out!

What to Wear

Let’s start with what to wear. I typically work with entrepreneurs who have an elegant, minimalist, fresh style. So this post will be mostly geared towards that look! If your brand is slightly different, feel free to comment with some questions!

Dress It Up

For a personal branding session, you want to look professional and personable. You want to show the very best of who you are! One of the best ways to do that is dress it up! The best way – I think – to do that is to look casually fashionable.

Women – Think Ann Taylor or J Crew style! Nice slacks with a pretty blouse and some jewelry is always cute. So is fashionable denim paired with a blazer. Here are some inspiration outfits from a Pinterest board I created – you can check out the full board here!


what to wear for your portrait session


what to wear for your personal branding photoshoot what to wear for your portrait session


Men – Also think J Crew or GQ style! Nice slacks or pants with a button up collared shirt can look personable and professional. A huge plus for men is layers. Layering a collared shirt underneath a jacket or a sweater always looks stylish! Also, you want to wear nice shoes. A light leather shoe always looks amazing! You can see more inspiration outfits on my men’s portrait session board here!


what to wear for your personal branding photoshoot what to wear for your portrait session men


For a fresh, contemporary look – try sticking with mostly neutral colors. Navy, light brown, white, grey, and black are great colors to plan around! You can always add a pop of color with an accessory such as jewelry, a scarf, or a bag. Also, think about what colors you use for your brand – like on your website and instagram, and for your products. Pick colors that will accentuate your brand and fit perfectly with it!

After reading those tips and checking out your Pinterest inspiration, it’s time to buy some nice pieces! So let’s dive on in to where the best places to find these outfits are.

Where to Shop for Your Personal Branding Session



Target has great, affordable options for stylish entrepreneurs on a budget! They have everything from business casual items to great accessories like watches, jewelry, bags, ect.

Nordstrom Rack

I LOVE shopping at Nordstrom Rack! You can find high quality, designer brand clothing for great prices. They also have great selection for men & women!

Ann Taylor

Ladies, if you want to rock the girl boss look – look no further. Ann Taylor has some of the most gorgeous designs for women entrepreneurs. The pieces are elegant and timeless, and will be in fashion for years to come. They can be a bit pricy, but the quality & designs make it so worth it. They have everything from slacks & suits to denim & everyday blouses.

J Crew

Looking for a more elegantly casual look? J Crew is a great place to go! Their styles have a lot of layering – with gorgeous jackets and coats, denim, pants, dresses, tops, and more. Their style is more casual, and feels fresh. These pieces are also timeless and will be in style for years to come!

Local to Utah:

Bohme Boutique

There are SO many boutiques in Utah – and many of them carry very similar pieces! One I love located right in Utah Valley is Bohme. Their designs are modern, with a edgy but elegant feel. This is a great place to go for the more casual, lifestyle looking portraits! Some more of my favorite boutiques include Called to Surf and Piper and Scoot.

Thatcher & Finch

Thatcher & Finch is a brand I came across in my new job, and they have such a unique style! They sell contemporary designed leather men’s shoes. These shoes can add personality to men’s outfits, while still keeping things masculine and classic.