January 22, 2020

Forte Elements

One of my favorite recent projects was creating images for Forte Elements. I always love working with health conscious brands who want the best for their customers. Here’s a little bit about the images + the brand!

About the Brand

Forte Elements is a healthcare supplements company who uses nutrition to supplement life’s happiest and most difficult moments. Their cofounder, Dr. Kimball, has been the primary orthopedic surgeon for the BYU football team for almost 20 years. When athletes were injured, his job was to help them recover. One year he was faced with a difficult challenge – one athlete fractured his spine. The only thing they could do was have him wear a back brace and give it time to heal. Dr. Kimball wondered, how could he help this athlete recover faster?

He exhausted many research options including peer reviewed articles, opinions and thoughts from fellow doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, and more. From his research he learned that there are many nutritional elements that can help with fracture healing.

He created a list of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids that promoted fracture healing. He sent an assistant to the store to purchase all the items on the list, and she spent around $400 and still didn’t have everything on the list.

This is when Dr. Kimball realized that there was a need for high quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements tailored to meet the specific life and clinical needs of patients.

From those early beginnings, Forte Elements has formed to design supplements to help with everything from joint support to prenatal health during pregnancy to bone support to brain and memory supplements.

About the Images

Forte Elements reached out to me to help liven up their Instagram and website. They wanted custom images that featured their nutritious and beautifully packaged supplements. Their main goal was to achieve a wide variety of images. This allowed them to gain a huge amount of content from one planned photoshoot.

Their main goals were:

  • Lifestyle images of models using the products outdoors
  • Styled studio images showing the benefits and nutritional value of the products
  • Editorial/fun studio images of models using the products