Frequently Asked Questions About Working With Me

September 14, 2018

You have questions, I have answers! When chatting with friends and clients, I’m often asked questions about what got me into photography, what type of photography I do, and more. Today I’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions to help you get to know me and my process better! I know that investing in photography is no joke – professional photography is a specialized skill, and I want to make sure that you hire the right person for you. I want you to feel confident in your investment, and have the photos that you want and need.

Frequently Asked Questions


How did you learn photography?


I knew I wanted to be a photographer since I was 12! Because of this I took many photos on my point and shoot camera as a kid. Later I took my first film class in high school, where I learned how to develop film and use a film camera. During this time I started playing around in Photoshop as well, and created some hilariously bad beginning images! I even have an old account that has my first images – you can see them here! You can see I’ve come a long way!

I started learning photography professionally in college.My journey began by taking classes about lighting, editing, digital imaging, ect. I also started practicing posing and lighting on my own, and started taking paid clients in 2016. Now I am continuously reading, practicing, and talking to other photographers and artists to learn more. Learning photography is a continuous process that I don’t think will ever end!


What’s Your Style?


My images tend to be clean, minimalist, and bright. Because of this, most of my portraits and commercial work fall under this style. However, I don’t limit myself to one specific style. If I want to create an image, or if my client has a need that falls under a slightly different look, I know how to create it – or I know where to go to figure it out. I’ve created dramatic, moody images as well – it just depends on the subject and the emotion I want to achieve.


How long have you been in business?


I opened Whitney Finuf Photography in September 2016. Since then, I’ve photographed many weddings and portrait sessions. Along with this, I’ve also photographed events for George Mason University, the Embassy of Afghanistan, and other groups and organizations. I’ve created commercial work for brands such as Called to Surf, Costa Vida, the Flint Studio, Doordash, Era 81, Unlike Juliet, and more. Most recently, I’ve started doing photography for small businesses and entrepreneurs. This is where I’ve found my passion, professionally!


Are you part time or full time?


I currently run my business part time. However, I work as a photographer full time (in addition to my business) – and have for over a year. I was hired as a photographer for Called to Surf, and currently work as a product and lifestyle photographer for Nozani.


Do you have any formal training?


Yes! I am graduating from college with a Bachelor of Design, with an Emphasis in Photography. I’ve been formally trained in editing, lighting, studio practices, and more. My formal training as a photographer has provided me opportunities to learn from incredible photographers – including ones that have photographed campaigns for Kohls, the latest James Bond movie, have created award winning documentaries on Netflix, and who have real life professional experience in photography. That training has been invaluable in furthering my career.


What equipment do you use?


I currently use a Nikon D750 with a 50 mm 1.8 lens. I often rent equipment for my shoots, including various lenses and lighting equipment. In my commercial work I usually rent studios or create a small studio in my home to photograph products. I know Photoshop and Lightroom very well, and use programs such as Capture One and tethered cords to enhance my commercial work.


How many images can I expect to see from my session?


This depends on the client. For portrait/lifestyle sessions, typically you can expect between 40 – 60 per hour. Product photography can vary widely, depending on how simple or elaborate it is. If you have more questions about this, email me and let me know what kind of images you are looking for, and I can give you a more specific answer.


How do we book?


You can start by sending me an email at! Just include what kind of session you want, and what images you are looking for. We can start there!


How long will it take to see my photos?


Typically, my turnaround time is 2 weeks.


I don’t photograph well and feel super awkward – can you help me?


Absolutely! As a photographer, it’s important for me to know how to create the images you want. A HUGE part of this is posing. I’ve spent years practicing, reading about, and studying posing. Because of this, I know how to guide you and what adjustments to make to help you look natural and comfortable in front of the camera.


Do you travel?


Yes! I love traveling, and am usually open for destination sessions – especially for commercial shoots. Currently places on my bucket list include Italy, Greece, Sweden, Morocco, and India.


My business has a brand and a look that I want to maintain. Can you give me the images I need?


Absolutely! A huge part of being a professional photographer is providing your client what they need. I am confident in the skills and knowledge I have gained over the years. Because of this, I can control lighting, props, location, models, and editing to fit your brand.


Do you have access to models for your commercial shoots?


Yes I do! They typically require an additional fee for their services.


What does your fee include? And what is/isn’t included?


My fee always includes a photography session with professionally edited, high resolution images delivered via an online gallery. More specific details can depend on the shoot!


Do you have backups?


Yes, I always backup my images on multiple hard drives. I always recommend you back up your images, as well, since one can never predict emergencies!


What are the rights to the photos?


I want you to use your photos! That’s what they were meant for. The copyright for the photos remain with me, because I created them. However – I created them for you! I want you to use them and treasure them. Because of this, your package includes a personal license, which means you can use them for printing, albums, sharing on social media, ect. For small businesses, this goes for you, too. You can use the images for marketing, social media, and on your website. When you do share on social media, I ask that you tag me in the image – I love to see you sharing them, and this helps me a lot in my business!


I hope these questions were helpful! If you have more questions, please let me know – just send me an email, or connect via instagram. As always, if you are interested in booking a portrait or commercial session, let me know!