Guide to High Pass Frequency Separation

April 22, 2019

When I first began my journey in becoming a professional photographer, I came across the retouching technique of high pass frequency separation. This technique was a game changer for me, and I still use it every day.

Whether you are retouching skin or editing wrinkles out of clothing, this technique is a crucial tool to have in your skillset!

Here’s your high pass frequency separation tutorial!

Let’s start with an intro:

What is High Pass Frequency Separation?

Essentially, it’s a retouching technique that separates the color from the texture in an image. This allows you to make adjustments to color without affecting the texture, and vice versa.

This is beneficial because you can eliminate blemishes, harsh lines, etc in a realistic and natural looking way.

This technique is what countless of retouchers and professional photographers use daily. However, it is very easy to mess it up and over do it. My biggest piece of advice is to keep it subtle.

Instead, you want to keep your edits subtle and natural. Take your time, go slowly, and practice!

Here’s your free tutorial video on how to edit with high pass frequency separation!

Not only did I create a video, but I also created a free download guide that you can use during your editing process! It has a few additional tips that I forgot to mention in the video, and has every step written down one by one. This is helpful because you an have it open on your screen while you’re editing, and you can follow along step by step.

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Click here to access the guide! 

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