How I Use Dubsado to Manage My Business

July 27, 2020

We all know the life of a creative freelancer is all about wearing many different hats. I use Dubsado to help me keep my hats organized so my business runs smoothly. Because of this, I can spend more time creating work and contacting dream clients, and less time behind my computer. Here’s how I use Dubsado to manage my business!

Client Management Software

This is where Dubsado helps me the most. They help me intake new leads, keep my clients organized and on schedule, send invoices and contracts, and more. Here’s a quick walk through of how Dubsado helps me through the whole client process!

First, the new potential client finds me via Google or Instagram or a photographer directory site. Usually they fill out my contact form to contact me. When I receive the new email, I have a canned email response that I can customize to each client. It goes something like:

“Hi xxx!

Thank you for reaching out to me! I love xxxx about your brand, and am excited to learn more about your photography needs. To get started, you can either fill out this simple questionnaire, or we can schedule a consultation call.

I look forward to talking more with you!

From there, the client will either fill out the questionnaire, or will schedule a call.

The amazing thing about the questionnaire is that the information the client enters automatically creates a new client profile, with all their information they include. This means their name, email, number, role in the company, brand website, instagram, and all their answers to my questions automatically are organized and put into one place where I can reference them.

If they schedule a call, I ask them the questions from my questionnaire over phone. As we talk, I take notes on what their information is, what their vision and needs are, etc. At the end of the call, I can create a client profile for them. I can also include call logs that give a summary of everything we talked about on the phone. This is SO helpful when I need to go back and refresh my memory on the information they gave me.

After this initial questionnaire/consultation call, I get back to them with a custom quote and a proposal, based on our conversation. At this point, I can create the contract, proposal, and invoice for them to look over. If everything looks good, they can go ahead and book by signing the contract, approving the proposal, and paying the deposit on the invoice all in one website window. It literally takes them 5 minutes to complete all these steps. This makes their life SO easy, because they aren’t sorting through several different tabs and documents. It also makes my life so easy, because they can submit the documents and pay me on time more easily! This is one of my favorite parts of their software!

When the job is officially booked, the project is added to my “jobs” list. Here I can add deadlines, schedule events on my calendar, keep track of payments and contracts, and see what the status is of the project. I can sync my Dubsado calendar with Google calendar, so wherever I am, I can see my schedule and deadlines for the projects.

I can also send subcontracts to makeup artists, models, photography assistants, and more. All the documents are organized under the same project, so everything is in one place and easy to track. Also, each contract, questionnaire, proposal, and lead form is customizable. I create my own templates (for example, a client contract template, a photography assistant contract template, etc) and then I add those templates to the project. Inside the project, I can easily tweak and customize the form to the specific project.

After the job is done, I easily send the remaining invoice with the finished gallery. Through Dubsado my clients typically pay pretty promptly. If for some reason a client doesn’t pay on time, you can schedule reminder emails to your clients to remind them.

This is my very basic process of how I use Dubsado! Here are some other perks I love:

Track Finances

I use Dubsado in conjunction with Quickbooks to track my finances. They can actually sync together. I don’t have mine synced yet because I haven’t utilized that feature yet. However, I love Dubsado because on your main dashboard page, they show what your profit is for the year, and what amount you have in open invoices. They also show your financial goal, so you can easily track your goals and see where you’re at.


These are the main ways I use Dubsado to help my business. I pay for Dubsado yearly, and to me, it’s worth it for these services alone. However, I barely scratch the surface on what Dubsado has to offer. It’s actually on my to do list this year to utilize Dubsado more fully in my business. They offer more in depth services like client portals, workflow automation, task lists and boards, option to add team members, etc. I don’t use a lot of the automated services because my projects are pretty personalized, depending on what client I have. But there are many more features available to anyone who wants to dive into Dubsado.

Discount Code for Dubsado

You can get 20% off your first month or year by using this link or using the code whitneyfinufphoto to sign up. If you’d rather try it out for free first, you can! No credit card information needed. It’s always free for your first three clients.

I hope you found this helpful! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Check out my education blog here for more resources to help your business.