How to Avoid Burnout by Setting Boundaries

September 27, 2019

Over the few years, I’ve learned (the HARD way) that setting boundaries is crucial to mental health. Whether you are dealing with difficult clients or family members, setting boundaries can help you prioritize your health and set expectations for a respectful, healthy relationship. Here are some basic things I’ve learned about boundaries, and favorite quotes that have helped me understand it better!

What is a Boundary?

“Setting a boundary means that we indicate a border or a limit around certain actions or individuals that we then do not allow others to cross.”

“We have a responsibility to set and clearly communicate boundaries, make rules, and hold individuals accountable for their choices. This is not done to control others, but rather to minimize their negative impact and to help us and our families stay safe and well. Setting boundaries helps us to remember our worth and know that we are worthy of love and kindness in our lives. “

– Family Support Guide for Addiction Recovery

Boundaries we set are meant to help us meet our mental, emotional, and physical needs. They help us feel safe, protect our physical and mental health, and help us feel at peace. They aren’t supposed to be made out of revenge or anger. In fact, boundaries help to set up healthy, mutually respectful and caring relationships – whether personally or professionally.

Some examples of boundaries can include:

  • Setting specific business hours when clients can contact you. This sets a boundary that separates your working vs. personal time – which is important, since personal and family time is important to mental health.
  • Declining physical contact. If you are uncomfortable with someone touching you, say so.
  • Decline unreasonable demands on your time or emotions. Sometimes business owners – especially service providers – will experience clients coming to them in a huge rush, stressed because they are behind schedule. Although we want to do everything we can to help them, it’s also important to understand that their lack of planning is not your fire to put out. If you accept especially demanding projects, make sure that you are compensated for the additional time and stress that makes it worth it. This can also apply to personal relationships.
5 boundaries you need by the holistic psychologist

What have been your experiences with boundaries? How have they helped you maintain self care + succeed – both in your personal life and your business? Comment below or share here – I’d love to hear from you!