Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

December 23, 2019

One Christmas ago, life was very different. I was attending Brigham Young University, finishing up my degree in Photography. Chris had just finished his first semester in his Master’s program. We still lived in Provo, Utah, and I had a lot of big dreams and goals for this year.

This year brought us so many changes, new growth, and amazing opportunities! Chris is now almost done with his degree, and I finished mine. I worked full time as a product photographer, while building my freelance business on the side. I’ve met and worked with some INCREDIBLE brands – including Earth Harbor, Define Me Fragrance, Audrey and Bear, Baltic Born, Zhou Nutrition, Walker Tape Co, Forte Elements, Serovital, and more. I’ve collaborated with many models and makeup artists, and created some of the best work of my life yet.

We’ve also been preparing to add another little member to our family! Our son (that just sounds so weird! What an incredible honor and also a huge responsibility) will be arriving early this year. We can’t wait to meet him!