My Favorite Playlists to Listen to While Editing

March 16, 2020

When I have a long work day, Spotify is my best friend. Whether I’m retouching or shooting by myself in my studio, or with a creative team, it’s important to keep the energy and focus up. If I’m shooting by myself or retouching, sometimes I’ll watch a show or listen to podcasts, but when I really have to zone in on fine details, music usually works best for me.

I’ll share my favorite podcasts another day, but here are my favorite playlists to listen to while working!

Today’s Top Hits

This playlist is great to find energetic, new, trending music. This one is my go to when working with a creative team, because it has a mix of top hits that most people will like, or have heard before. They also update it pretty frequently, so it isn’t the same music all the time!

Have a Great Day!

This playlist is perfect for upbeat, energetic, happy vibes to lift my mood.

All Out 70s

The music from the 60’s and 70’s feels nostalgic, chill, and groovy to me. This is nice when I’m feeling relaxed.


Once in a while (usually on a rainy day), I like to have a more somber, serious mood. This playlist I made when visiting Iceland is perfect for those days!

Songs to Sing in the Shower

This is another fantastic playlist for working with models and keeping the energy up. They are songs you can’t help but sing along (and even dance!) to.

Happy Rap Hits

Recently I’ve been exploring this genre more and have been loving the talent of the artists. This is a fun playlist for working with models or for working alone.

Discover Weekly

When I’m in the mood for something new, I’ll explore Spotify’s Browse section. Here you can find playlists based on your mood, decades, genre, and even holiday. They also have a custom playlist they make for you each week. The music they choose is based on the tracks you’ve been listening to. It’s a really fun feature, and I love finding new music through it. You can find your personalized discover playlists on your Spotify account.

What are your favorite playlists or songs to listen to while editing?