New Years Resolutions for 2019

January 2, 2019

This year I was on top of the game, and wrote my new years resolutions a few weeks ago! The main reason why I was on top of it though was because I don’t really consider these new years resolutions. I’ve been wanting to make changes in my life to feel better, be more successful, and create the life that I dream of for a while. It just happened to be a convenient time that my motivation grew around new years!

In the past, I’ve talked about how I’ve been stressed and overbooked. I’ve had unhealthy schedules, where I rarely workout, eat ramen or mac and cheese for dinner, and spend all my time working. This was especially true when I was a student, just trying to survive through the semester. It’s no surprise that this lifestyle left me tired, not very healthy, and stressed out! I’ve really been feeling tired of this cycle, and I wanted to change my habits, so I could change how I feel and how I live day to day. I’ve already started applying these goals, and can I say how amazing they make me feel?! Overall I already feel more rested, less stressed, and more on top of things. I feel like I’m starting to live the life I always wanted, and it feels amazing.

So, here’s a summary of my goals for the New Year, and why I set them!

I always divide my goals into different aspects of my life. This year it’s Mental, Physical, Relationships, Spiritual, Financial, and Career. It seems like a lot (I tend to be a bit ambitious haha) but luckily a few of them work well together!


This aspect is important to me! While being overworked, stressed, and exhausted, I felt my anxiety and stress go through the roof. To better manage my anxiety and just feel better, I made these goals:

Write in my journal. To some this probably sounds nerdy, but multiple studies show that it helps with anxiety and depression.

Make time to relax. It’s so important to spend time doing something that you enjoy, without any pressure or deadlines – just for the joy of it.

Say No. I tend to be a yes girl, saying yes to every opportunity that comes along. This year I’m focusing on valuing my own time by saying no to things that aren’t worth my time, so I can fill my time with what’s most important and beneficial.


My time with Chris and family is so important to me. Relationships take work and time to keep them strong. I just made a few simple goals to help me stay close to my loved ones!

Have monthly dinner/game night with my siblings (since most of them will, for the first time in almost 10 years, be living in the same state together!)

Make dinner daily with Chris. We love cooking, and doing this gives us time to talk and have fun together!Spiritual


This has been an interesting year physically! As you know I have type 1 diabetes. I was also diagnosed with PCOS, which makes having children in the future a bit difficult. My goals to help these things are

Eat Healthy & Exercise Regularly. I found Be Well by Kelly this year, and love the nutrition she recommends! She has these delicious shake recipes that are very low in sugar and carbs, and high in protein. These will stabilize my blood sugars and help me manage diabetes and PCOS. This, paired with delicious healthy meals that Chris and I have found (like peach glazed grilled chicken – yum!) will help us eat in ways that will nourish our bodies & minds!

Exercising regularly is pretty self explanatory! In the past I’ve found that over time it reduces the amount of insulin I need, since my body will become more efficient in burning sugar. It will be nice to feel strong again!


This is a big year for Chris and I! He’s in a Master’s program, and I’m bringing home most of the bacon until he graduates. Our goals this year are to pay off debt, stick to our budget, and save $$$. We’ve done pretty well with this in the past – we’ve paid off almost $20k in student loans in the past two years – but we need to keep chugging along until their completely gone. That will be a happy happy day, haha.


I think this is the section I’m most excited for! It’s amazing to see my little business growing and improving. These are the goals I’m making to better streamline my workflow, and stay on top of things so I have time to grow.

Schedule blog and instagram posts in advance

Create new work that I’m passionate about

Plan & stick to an editorial calendar

That is a lot of goals, but I actually feel really good about them! I feel like their manageable. I know doing them will help me feel better, be more successful, and help my and Chris’s dreams become reality – so I’m feeling pretty pumped.

How about you? What goals do you have? If you have any questions or if I can help out, feel free to contact me here – I’d love to chat!