Pregnancy Update and it’s a BOY!

September 30, 2019

I’ll start with the exciting news….

Baby Finuf is a BOY!

During the ultrasound we saw our little baby kicking his little legs like crazy. He was doing bridges – pushing his legs against my tummy, and lifting his little bum in the air. It was so cute and surreal to see him moving around so much, especially when I couldn’t feel him yet!

Chris and I sat and watched, and sure enough, the nurse pointed out that it was a boy! We were so happy and honestly a little relieved! We had the perfect boy’s name that we LOVED, but were struggling with finding a girl’s name we liked. We both had a feeling it was a boy from the very beginning, so it was fun to have that little hunch become a reality!

Overall pregnancy has been treating me really well! Besides the occasional nausea, mood swings, and acid reflux, it honestly hasn’t been too bad. I have LOVED seeing my belly slowly grow bigger. I feel like it took so long to finally show, but now that I am my belly seems to get bigger every single week!

My other favorite part of being pregnant is connecting with my sweet little guy! I eagerly waited to feel the little kicks, and at first could barely tell if it was him or just a muscle twinge. Now his kicks are getting stronger, and I love feeling them every day! It fills me with awe that he’s growing and can hear my voice, this little person who has his own personality and likes and dislikes and life ahead of him.

I think that’s all the updates for now! We have a wonderful name picked out for our little guy, but we’ll be announcing it later on. Thanks for following along!