July 28, 2020

Serovital Colorful Product Photography

I love when clients come to me with creative visions and ideas. For this project, Serovital wanted colorful product photography of their supplements. The inspiration was a play on color and geographic designs and shapes.

About Serovital

Serovital provides products that support healthy aging, hair, and skin. They’ve been featured in Shape Magazine, Vanity Fair, Harpers Bazaar, and more. These specific products are supplements designed to increase your body’s natural production of hGH. This supports more restful sleep, added lean muscle mass, mental acuity, increased energy, and stronger skin. The supplement was created to provide a healthier option to synthetic hGH injections. Many athletes and celebrities get hGH injections. Unlike the injections, these supplements boosts your body’s natural production of hGH, making it a more natural, safe, drug free option.

Colorful Product Photography – the inspiration

The strongest tools I used in these images were color theory and design. I’ll give a quick explanation of what I did!

I used both complimentary and analogous color schemes to make the colors pop. Yellow and blue are complimentary colors, which means when paired together, they are very eye catching and pop. Pink and yellow, orange and yellow, and green and yellow are analogous colors, which means they create more of a cohesive, more monochromatic type look.

The other tool I used was design. I created patterns and lines that were very eye catching and interesting using the products.

These two simple techniques were what made these images a success.

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