Every girl needs an amazing friend whose a photographer.

Delaney is that girl for me!

I met Delaney in January, in my studio lighting class at BYU. Funny enough, we had the same class together, but we didn’t become good friends until last fall! We started chatting during class, ate lunch together, and our friendship began! We worked on the same photography projects together, gave each other advice & feedback about our work, and had SO much fun planning photoshoots together. She is one of the most fun people I’ve ever met! I freaking love her!

Delaney is a photography student at BYU. She loves photographing fashion, fun portraits, and people in general! She LOVES bright colors (especially pink), flamingos, pineapples, plants, glitter & confetti, and just about anything fun and colorful!

Not only did we have classes together, but this summer we went to EUROPE on a study abroad together! That was just a lifelong dream of mine!! And hers, too! We traveled together to Iceland, Paris, southern France, and Switzerland. It was so much fun exploring with her!! We had so many amazing adventures – eating crepes, finding her cute Icelandic men, seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time, walking for 14+ hours around Paris, and so many more. We did have some crazy mishaps – she tore a ligament in her ankle while we were hiking the French Alps, which was SO sad! But she was incredibly positive, and we had fun getting to know the locals at the Rocky Pop hotel while she spent some time recovering.

Needless to say, she is an amazing person and I’m so lucky to have her as a friend!

Another reason I LOVE having her as a friend is because she can take great photos of me! One of the biggest challenges of being a photographer is you never have good photos of yourself. You can take beautiful photographs of your friends, but your friends cannot take as good photos of you haha. Delaney is a very skilled photographer, so that is not the case in our friendship!

A few weeks ago we were both missing Europe (and hanging out every day – let’s be honest) and decided to go out to do a portrait session in the sunflowers. It was so much fun!

We started our portrait session in the afternoon, so the lighting was pretty harsh and direct (except for when the occasional cloud covered the sun). It was so much fun playing with the direct light!

Here are the portraits we took. Delaney is launching her new website soon – but for now you can see her work on instagram at @laneyloosle!