Recently I’ve started a series, talking about what inspires me as a photographer. This week, I wanted to share one of my biggest inspirations – my Papa and Farmor!

I was so lucky to grow up in a family of artists. Papa was a sculptor, and Farmor was a photographer. We went to their cozy house, and Papa would give us a great big hug. He had a little statue he sculpted, that was three angels lifted up in the air. The statue had a little chime, and if you tapped the statue with the chime they would make beautiful little bell like noises. After giving us a hug, Papa would lift us up so we could hit the chimes, and make music. It made me so happy as a little kid!

Their home is filled with art. Papa painted and sculpted. His sculptures have been given to prophets, presidents, shown in national parks, and are still displayed in Salt Lake City and in Provo today. He helped build enormous dinosaur statues for state parks, and has created so many beautiful things. He helped sculpt the Angel Moroni for LDS temples. He also created jewelry, and taught sculpting at a local high school in SLC.

Farmor is also an artist. She was my first introduction to photography! She was a photographer in Sweden, and had her own darkroom in the basement, where she developed the film and created prints. She photographed us as kids, and has lots of beautiful photographs on display in their home.

I’m so grateful for the influence they’ve had in my life! They really inspire me to be a better person, and to continue creating and developing my craft.