Dear Whitney, What is it like being a professional photographer?

September 21, 2018

I LOVE being a professional photographer! My job takes me to fun locations, associates me with incredible people, and I’m always working on something new. However, it is a lot of work. I figured to answer this question, I’ll share some of my behind the scenes process that goes behind every shoot. Here we go!



In order to find clients, I need to market myself and my work. I spend a lot ¬†of time researching marketing, blogging, emailing, and posting on Pinterest and Instagram to get my work out there and find clients to photograph. I’m still learning this process – in fact, I’m enrolled in a Marketing course right now and am learning a TON! This is where I try to spend some time every day to get to where I want to be.




After booking with me, I always spend time getting to know my client and getting a feel for what they want in their photos. I send a questionnaire asking them questions about what images they need, what style their looking for, what location their thinking of, if there are any specific shots they want, ect. This helps me understand where their at, and what I need to plan for to help them.


Location Scouting


Typically, the client doesn’t have a specific location in mind. I usually help out with this process! I put a lot of research into finding a space that will be best for their shoot. Whether that’s finding the perfect outdoor location, the perfect studio, or even renting out a cool Airbnb, I always try to find the best location for them. Sometimes, if I haven’t been to the location before, I’ll also go early or a few days before to get a feel for where everything is and what it’s like. This helps me be even more prepared the day of!




After getting an idea of what my client wants, I usually do a lot of research to help me get in the mindset and be prepared for the day. Whether that’s finding props, studying lighting techniques, or trying new poses, this phase helps me prepare and get the most out of the session. Sometimes if it’s a long or extensive shoot, I’ll also create a moodboard and storyboard. This helps me get all the shots that my client needs, and helps with our time management on the big day!


Shooting Time


After preparing the details, gathering any needed props, and having a plan ready, the day of the shoot comes. This is the fun part! I have fun talking with my clients or models, styling the products, and creating amazing images.



Editing Time


After the shoot, I first sit down and go through all the images I took. This process is called culling! I go through 1 or more times and select the best images out of the bunch. After sorting them out, I sit and start editing. This is a lengthy process, usually! I color correct, edit skin, edit the products, and get the images to look how I want them to.


Exporting Time


After editing, I export the files to my hard drive. I usually have two folders of exports – one high resolution size, one web size. I send the files to my client via an online gallery, where they can download the high res and web size files.


Blogging, Instagram, & Marketing


After sharing the finished gallery, I schedule a blog post and instagram posts to share the session of my client. This is a fun part, too! I get to share fun things about my client, their products, and the amazing images that we created together.


After this, the process starts itself over!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes of your photoshoot! I LOVE creating images for you – it brings me so much fulfillment and happiness. If you’re interested in booking a session or have some questions, don’t forget to contact me over at!



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