What to Wear for Your Fall Photoshoot

August 24, 2018

Fall is just around the corner, and that means fall photoshoots are too! Fall is such a beautiful time of year – with the crunch of leaves, orange pumpkins, and the delicious hot chocolate. If you are planning a photoshoot during this time of year, you want your outfit to match the season. This What to Wear blog post is your guide to style your outfit for photoshoots this season!

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics. The first thing you want to decide is where your photoshoot will be! Often in the fall photoshoots will be outside in nature to take advantage of the gorgeous colors. You’ll be surrounded by warm earthy tones like deep reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. The feel is often rustic and natural, with maybe a little bit of an edge. You’ll certainly want to use these elements as inspiration for putting together your outfit.

What to Wear: Portraits

Portrait sessions are easy because you don’t necessarily have to match anyone else in the shoot. This means you can be as bold, creative, and you as you want to be! I gathered some fashion looks from magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and other fashion companies.

*** photos are not by me! See my Pinterest board here to see where the photos on this post come from, and to see more ideas.

You’ll notice looking at these outfits that the colors are rich and earthy. Warm oranges, deep blues, and natural leathery browns bring fall into fashion. In addition, you’ll notice that each outfit plays with texture and pattern. Adding a touch of texture – whether that be wool, a knit pattern, or lace – can add more dimension and interest to your outfit. A fun, bold pattern, or a simple subtle pattern can also add more interest and personality.


You’ll also notice that layering can create fashionable looks – especially for men. Layering for men makes SUCH a huge difference in how the outfit looks and photographs! A nice collar shirt underneath a sweater or jacket instantly transforms an okay outfit into one that looks masculine and timeless.

how to dress for your autumn photoshoot men


You’ll also see that in my outfits for women, I included both modern, simple, sleek designs, and more feminine, soft designs. Both are gorgeous for photos, it’s just up to your personality and personal style! You can even bring both to a photo session to get more variety!


how to dress for your autumn photoshoot women

Below is an example of more casual, simple looks for a women’s portrait shoot. The first is a modern, simple outfit – very cute and perfect for a fall portrait session! I included the second because of the gorgeous fur coat. A nice coat is an easy way to dress up a casual outfit into a high fashion look. The third I included because a flowy, feminine dress is the perfect way to dress up a more casual session.


how to dress for your autumn photoshoot women

And here are some more high fashion inspired looks you can wear for your portrait session. These are inspired by fashion magazines, and are absolutely gorgeous! If you like this more vogue, high fashion style, check out my Pinterest board for more ideas on what to wear!

how to dress for your autumn photoshoot women

What to Wear: Couples

Couple’s sessions are also pretty easy to style! Remember the basics from portraits – layering for men, especially! It’s easy to layer with a sweater or a jacket. The biggest thing I emphasize for couple’s session’s is to not be matchy – matchy. Choose colors that complement each other, instead of ones that are the same as each other. This will help your photos look cohesive and gorgeous, without being cheesy!


how to dress for your autumn photoshoot couples engagement photos


Coordinating your family outfits can be a bit more daunting, but a few simple principles can go a long way! Here are some Dos and Don’ts to achieve the perfect family outfits for your family photo!


Pick 2-3 complementary colors that go well together. Good colors for fall are deep orange, navy, burgundy, brown, deep red, and black.

Look at your home decor to see what your style is. Are you more modern and minimal, or traditional and rustic? Knowing this can help you choose clothing pieces that are your family’s style, and will create photographs that look good in your home.

Add accessories! Watches, ties, scarves, suspenders, bows – all of these can add interest and cute details.

Plan ahead! This will save stress and make the day of the photoshoot easier for everyone


Don’t be matchy matchy! Having everyone wear the same color is outdated and a bit cheesy.

Don’t wear clothing that has words, logos, cartoons, ect on them – this will help your photos be timeless and classy!


how to dress for your autumn photoshoot family


I hope this post gave you ideas on what to wear for your fall photoshoot! Check out my Pinterest board I created just for you for more ideas! And shoot me an email to set up a session 🙂